Sep 15, 2021 | News

Let’s talk dandruff

Let’s talk dandruff

Sep 15, 2021 | News

What is dandruff?
Dandruff is the bodies’ way of shedding the yeast (malassezia) that is found in the skin. It is the sebum becoming unconcentrated fat, the itch you feel is the yeast feeding off the sebum but don’t be scared it is not contagious!

Why does it occur?
Dandruff is caused by poor hygiene, whether it is not shampooing frequent enough, shampooing correctly or not exfoliating the scalp enough. Exfoliating is also brushing every day to let the natural oils flow from roots to length

For starters, there are two types of dandruff one is a build-up of dead skin and is pure white scale, not discoloured and normally no odour. This is our dry ‘lamington’ like dandruff, the type to fall on your clothes. The other is discoloured and sticky. It’s yellow and brownish in colour and tends to be more smelly. The flakes are larger and will stick to the scalp. This is our “almonds sticking to a glossy Danish” dandruff.

There are shampoos on the market that claim to ‘treat’ dandruff but the products are actually making your scalp condition worse by completely stripping your natural sebum from the scalp. The sebaceous glands then go into over drive and make your hair really oily or your scalp becomes more dry and irritated as there is nothing to protect it. These shampoos can be extremely harmful to you and the environment especially the aquatic life (please never use on or around children). I won’t bore you for too long but some of the ingredients such as; coal tar, ketoconazole, selenium sulphide and pyrithione zinc are used to slow down mitosis, can cause acne, follicle problems, itching, burning and sensitivity to sunlight. The ingredients are also used to treat tinea and ringworm, yeast problems and can cause vomiting, rashes, headaches, scalp irritations, tingling, sweating, bad breath, tremors, temporary hair loss, blistering and the list goes on.

However, DeLorenzo have come to save the day, and your scalp. DeLorenzo have a three collection series called Tricho. Each of them is used to target the different scalp needs. DeLorenzo uses plant derived ingredients such as organic salts, hydroxyl acid derived from willow bark tree, native Brazilian shrub, oils and fats and steam distilled mint plant. All ingredients are safe for children, the body and the environment.

The three collections in the Tricho series are:

Tricho Scalp Balance is a three-step system consisting of a shampoo, conditioner and toner. It contains a multi-vitamin herbal complex to provide a cooling and soothing sensation for the likes of itchiness, dandruff, psoriasis, redness and scaling for the ‘lamington’ like dry scalp.

Tricho Scalp control is another three-step system consisting of shampoo, conditioner and toner that uses a sophisticated blend of organic active ingredients to bring relief and balance to the scalp. Scalp control is for the ‘glossy danish’ oily scalp as it will exfoliate the scalp, reduce redness, inflammation and itchiness.
*If your hair becomes more oily than normal sometimes it can be a raise in testosterone, say if you’ve been going to the gym more frequently or you have a change in diet.*

Tricho sensitive like the name suggests, Tricho Sensitive is designed to bring calm and soothing properties to sensitive scalps. It’s a two- step system that celebrates herbal, organic ingredients like fruit extracts and soy to seal and protect the scalp. With its anti-inflammatory properties it’s designed for red irritated skin or skin that gets irritated by other products. Handy tip, it’s great for children with cradle cap.

The toners included in the three-step systems are the real mvp’s! It’s the hero product and the most important product. Toner dissolves sebum, exfoliates the skin and treats the symptoms until the next time you wash your hair. You will feel a slight sting when applying the toner; it is the body’s way of telling you there is an untreated or problem area.
* If you’ve ran out of dry shampoo, a really cool hack is using the toner as a short fix for drying up your oily hair.

Two more Tricho hero products are Scalp Balm and Scalp relief.

The balm is a concentrated formula designed to soften and lift dead skin cells (the build-up) from the scalp. It relieves irritation, dryness and itch.

The relief cream is an intensive night repair crème that moisturises the scalp and relieves the symptoms of dandruff, severe itching, flaking, redness and scaling, contains a herbal blend for sensitive and irritated scalps. It softens and lifts dead skin cells. It helps with dermatitis, nappy rash and hard knuckles and heels. The relief crème can be used in conjuction with steroid cream or to replace steroid cream.

If you are unsure about the health of your scalp, don’t be afraid to ask your SAHB expert during your next appointment. Our team can recommend the perfect in-salon and at-home treatments to have you feeling more confident and less itchy ☺

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