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Welcome To Sahb Hair Studio

At SAHB Hair Studio, we see more than just guests – we see friends. Founded by hair industry veteran Stephanie Burns, we believe in creating a space that feels both welcoming and transformative. It’s where your hair wishes come true, filled with heart and a whole lot of expertise.

Since 2015, SAHB has been at the forefront of hair excellence. Now located in the vibrant Piara Waters, our expertise ranges from crafting the most delicate blondes to mastering the depth of balayage. Rest assured every visit feels like a personal retreat.

5 star reviews

Quality At The Forefront

When it comes to the tools of our trade, compromise isn’t in our vocabulary. SAHB Hair Studio partners with the hair industry’s finest, and for a good reason. We believe our guests deserve nothing less than the best. Redken, De Lorenzo, and Emsibeth are names that resonate with quality, innovation, and vibrancy. By choosing these elite brands, we guarantee that your hair is treated with the respect and nourishment it deserves, both in-studio and at home.

Brands we work with

The Three Pillars of SAHB Hair Studio

Empowerment: Empowerment isn’t a buzzword; it’s our promise. Rise from our chairs feeling not just seen but truly celebrated, ready to radiate confidence in every stride.

Quality: From our studio’s ambience to our work’s precision, it is curated with a meticulous eye for detail, blending luxurious comfort with top-tier expertise.

Connection: Our walls echo with the warm, vibrant buzz of connection. We listen intently, understand deeply, and create a safe, welcoming space where you feel at home.

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